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"Twenty-five years of the joys,
tears, laughter, heartbreaks,
scandels, romance from the
greatest and most-watched
daytime soap on television ."

Y&R's Special Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition (book)

The Young and the Restless has been more then any other soap on t.v. It has been a show that has reached out to many of its fans on very touchy sujects that they could either relate to, or even escape into a fantasy world! Many of thier characters have showed every side of of pure human emotion on sitiuations that have occured in thier fragile lives. The characters, and actors,(who bring their characters to life) portray the most realistic roles, and have evolved into more complex people, both on and off screen.

"In the begining I took Olivia and shaped and molded her into living person. Somewhere along the line Olivia took me and shaped and molded me into a fuller person."
Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia)

It was the essence of "the Innocent Years", and now known as The Young and the Restless. Add to it music -to sustain the most dramatic moments -and the show was on its way in 1972. The creator , Bill Bell , knew that America had lost it's "innocence", so he decided to change the title. He had a hook , The Young and the ...(something).., but he could not find a a word to follow! The "Something" later changed to "Restless". The show went to air on MARCH 26,1973, and was loved from the start.

In the begining, there were two families the Brooks' and the Foster's. The only Foster that we know of today in GC is Jill Foster Abbott. The Foster's were an average, working class family that had to strive to be prominent. The Foster's consisted of , Liz and William(the parents) and their three children , William "Snapper" Foster jr., Greg Foster , and the one and only , Jill Foster Abbott.

In comprison to the Fosters the Brooks' were the blue blood's of GC. Stuart and Jennifer Brooks ,were the parents of Leslie , Lauralee(Lorie), Chris ,and Peggy. These four sisters marked the begining of the generation the was not so "innocent" but "young and restless".

When the show experienced many recastings in the Brooks and Foster's, it took a turn for the worst. The most liked sister(by the fans)in the Brooks', Lorie, decided not to renew her contract. Bell had no choice but focus on new characters, and this was the begining for Paul Williams , Jack Abbott , and Nikki Reed. He set out to create families for these characters , and within months , the virtually seamless transistion had been accomplished, and the Abbotts, Williams' and Reed's had now exisisted.

The Y&R celebrated their 5000th episode on October 29,1992, which was officially declared William J. Bell Day in the city of Los Angeles. On that same day the studio's of CBS, dedicated Studio 43 to Bell, and the Y&R. Toady, the daily worldwide audience for the Y&R is estimated at 100 million. These viewers are in more then 30 countries worldwide, and more markets are anxious to get more of Bell's materpieaces of daytime. The Young and the Restless has been the top-rated soap in North America for over 5 years now. In 1997 the Y&R celebrated 25 years in daytime, and here's to another 25 more!